Anti-mullerian hormone as a predictor of ovarian reserve and ovarian response in IVF women from Gaza strip

Maged Mohammed Yassin, Fadel Akram Sharif, Mohammed Marwan Laqqan


Background: Careful evaluation of patients and proper treatment with right techniques are essential for successful outcome of assisted reproduction. To obtain satisfactory results, it is necessary to assess ovarian reserve before planning treatment.

Objective: To evaluate anti-mullerian hormone as a predictor of fertility potential in terms of ovarian reserve and ovarian response reflected by antral follicles and mature oocyte counts in response to menotrophin stimulation in in vitro fertilization (IVF) women from Gaza Strip.

Materials and Methods: This prospective cohort study consisted of 81 women (mean age 28.7 years) attending IVF at Al-Basma Fertility Center in Gaza City. Blood withdrawal for antimullerian hormone measurement was performed in all the patients and the number of oocytes and embryos were recorded.

Results: The total number of retrieved oocytes was inversely associated with age (12.5±4.5, 11.0±5.4 and 6.9±4.7 at age ≤25, 26-35 and >35 years, respectively (F=4.793 and p=0.011). The ovarian response to Menotrophin (FSH 75IU, LH 75 IU) stimulation was better for younger age. There was a significant positive association between ovarian response in terms of total number of oocytes and antimullerian hormone levels. The maximum level of antimullerian hormone was observed in females who achieved positive pregnancies (4.5±2.5 ng/mL) followed by negative pregnancies (2.9±1.8 ng/mL) with significant differences (F=6.862 and p=0.002). Correlation coefficient revealed that the number of mature oocytes showed strong positive correlation with the antimullerian hormone levels (r=0.469, p=0.001).

Conclusion: Anti-mullerian hormone can be used in IVF programs as a good predictor of ovarian reserve and ovarian response.


Anti-mullerian hormone, Ovarian reserve, In vitro fertilization, Gaza Strip

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